When a small roll of 1940-50s selvedge USA-made denim was found in a shed, there was only one thing to do... figure out something cool to make with it and finally give it the life it had been waiting for all these years.


We're super excited to offer three variations of this small batch, in-house made tote bag release in collaboration with our friends over at Packed House—another great vintage store in Norfolk, VA, and the ones who found the fateful roll of denim.


With a focus on zero waste and reclaiming used materials, as the tote design came to life we saw an opportunity to also breathe new life into a pile of military laundry bags we had which are made of super soft OD green cotton sateen. Cotton sateen is a unique textile weaving process that enhances strength and durability and increases the color's lifespan.


Important notes:

  • Bags can be purchased here, in our physical store, or at Packed House in Norfolk, VA
  • Bags are made to order so plan for a 2-3 week wait (plus shipping time)
  • Bags using reclaimed materials may have markings, discoloration, visible mending, or other unique qualities that we feel give additional character making each a one-of-a-kind product


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